Saturday, November 26, 2011

You're HIRED!

NARIN is going out over the next 10 days to 100 local, weekly, and periodical fishwraps... marketing to the West Coast in particular, and a few nostalgic favorites like Dan Cagles' online cartoon extravaganza, our original home The Oklahoma Daily, and that bastion of all that is good and true, The Funny Times, along with a host of others.

For fun, we're also gonna hit up Harper's, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Chicago Trib, and a handful of other Heavys.  This is in honor of the immortal words of my painting professor Edgar Heap-of-Birds, who said, "Wouldn't it be better to create one really ambitious failure than all these timid half-successes...?"

To that end, anybody who's been grooving on the recent uploads is invited, nay IMPLORED, to help pass the word, repost the stuff, spread it around, and act as deputies-of-distribution.  Consider yourselves hired.  There will be neither pay nor benefits, but heck, you're used to that, right?

Coming up in Narinia, we're going time tripping to Germany and France, '44 and '45 with Gramps and the other bad dudes of Oklahoma's 45th Infantry, thereupon to meet certain devotees of certain dubious paradigms destined for future notoriety...  The recent pullback of Alaskan glaciers is gonna have unanticipated impacts on the GOP primaries...  The practice of 'Frakking' is set to answer all your longstanding questions about which appliances in your kitchen can be used for welding, and what other things are due to be declared 'vegetables' in your kids' lunches...?  Stay tuned, and love to everyone supporting the strip and spreading the word!

Thanks All,  --JM

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  1. I'm willing t help, but what happened to being paid in beer? grumble grumble