Thursday, November 3, 2011

As we await...

As we await the arrival of actual Narin strips, please enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Rendition of 'Stumbo' by the beloved musical combo 'Wiseblood'.  These milkchuggers really know who to lay it down, kiddies.

The work is flowing, the stars are aligning; we're only a few steps away from Narin's actual blog debut.  It's been quite a road getting to this point...  A few items are being stripped, as we speak, from the English language.  Starting with "Oh, that's EASY!"  and  "What, you don't know how to do THAT?"  ...the position of Webmaestro of all things Narin is going out to bid, if you know anyone who will NOT mention how easy it all is, and who gets the bizarre notion of 'deadline', and who will basically work for beer, please send them my way.

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