Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a bit of Copyright housekeeping...

The feature cartoon strip 'Narin', and all of the characters and situations included in the strip are the copyrighted property their creator, Josh A. Miller, Dauntless Fine Arts,  Portland Oregon, USA.  The strip and related materials are available for free use by members and associates of the Occupy Wall Street and associated worldwide liberation and Democracy movements, and by any INDIVIDUAL amused by the strip.  The strip is, however, COPYRIGHTED material, and may NOT be used, published, or broadcast in any form of for-pay media, print or digital, without the specific consent of the copyright owner.

Trying to make a LIVING here, guys.

'Narin' copyright owner provides for the free downloading of material presented on the Web for individual use, hanging on your fridge, lining your birdcage, or beautifying the wall of your prison cell.  This permission does NOT extend to commercial media outlets, unless terms are achieved for that permission with copyright owner..  I'm looking at YOU,  AP wire service.  (and KOCO TV of Oklahoma City, don't even get me started...)

Thank You,  --J

Saturday, November 26, 2011

You're HIRED!

NARIN is going out over the next 10 days to 100 local, weekly, and periodical fishwraps... marketing to the West Coast in particular, and a few nostalgic favorites like Dan Cagles' online cartoon extravaganza, our original home The Oklahoma Daily, and that bastion of all that is good and true, The Funny Times, along with a host of others.

For fun, we're also gonna hit up Harper's, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Chicago Trib, and a handful of other Heavys.  This is in honor of the immortal words of my painting professor Edgar Heap-of-Birds, who said, "Wouldn't it be better to create one really ambitious failure than all these timid half-successes...?"

To that end, anybody who's been grooving on the recent uploads is invited, nay IMPLORED, to help pass the word, repost the stuff, spread it around, and act as deputies-of-distribution.  Consider yourselves hired.  There will be neither pay nor benefits, but heck, you're used to that, right?

Coming up in Narinia, we're going time tripping to Germany and France, '44 and '45 with Gramps and the other bad dudes of Oklahoma's 45th Infantry, thereupon to meet certain devotees of certain dubious paradigms destined for future notoriety...  The recent pullback of Alaskan glaciers is gonna have unanticipated impacts on the GOP primaries...  The practice of 'Frakking' is set to answer all your longstanding questions about which appliances in your kitchen can be used for welding, and what other things are due to be declared 'vegetables' in your kids' lunches...?  Stay tuned, and love to everyone supporting the strip and spreading the word!

Thanks All,  --JM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Technical Assistance...

Hey folks... If  NARIN is showing up looking like it was 'cropped' by insane dwarves, just click on the 'toon itself, and you should get the whole thing.  Still working on the technical tweaks here; thanks for th' patience...   --J

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Panels coming...

Hey Gang;

New panels are on the way; Gramps heads down to 'Occupy Portland' to discuss tarps and TARPs, a takeback is coming for all of you under-appreciated receptionists out there, and the poor Spartans get more than they bargained for post-Thermopolye. (with massive apologies to Frank Miller...).  Also, acute attention-surplus disorder sufferer Timmie is coming out of detention with a useful tutorial on The Deficit for the rest of the 5th graders.

This week I'm putting together intro packages to send out to local media... aware, however, that it's easier to get a seat on Virgin's private moonlaunches than to get space on the comics page these days.  We at Narin will leave no stone unturned in our quest for the bottom rung of the wobbly ladder marked Exposure.

Huge thanks to Otis, Betsy, D. Scott, B. Gregg, M. Miller, and everybody else who's been promoting and spreading the strip, and special thanks to the amazingly indulgent crew at the Hollywood Kinko's in Stumptown.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


We're backlogged, and there is no keeping up with the News.  Do I pencilwhip Joe Paterno?  Rick Perry's brainfart?  Surely there's no better material on Earth than Herman Cain...?  I can't even think about Mayor Sam Adams without doing a hundred cartoons in my mind.

...Moving closer to 'Regular Feature' Nirvana here, and watching developments down at Chapman Park with some anger, and much alarm.

Hang in there, Occupiers; it's a new phase coming after massive initial victory.  Protect your heads, and watch out for eachother.

What times.

Thanks Otis...

'toon cropping test #1

For Sarge, DADT ends just a little too late...

Happy Vet's Day, Gramps!

Friday, November 11, 2011

NARIN ONLINE; your help needed...

Hey gang.  We're incrementally working out the bugs on getting the strip up as a regular online feature.  This is tricky going for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that we're not going into any 'paper'... the strip, like much of it's readership base, is homeless.

The only hope an excursion like this has is if it gets pushed out in front of folks... the purple dream here at Narin World HQ is that some of the upcoming work jumps out into the world and goes viral.  To that end, I encourage, and beg, and grovel before you, eating the very dirt from the ground, in hopes that you guys will link, steal, spread, 'friend', twit, and promote the strip in any way y'can.

It's cool that 'twit' is now a verb.    
There's good material in the pipeline; Gramps is just warming up,  we have a surprise candidate in the bullpen for the Republican primary race, and Ayn Rand is about to get hers.

Please watch this space, and do what you can to push NARIN on people, whether they've done anything to deserve it or not.



Thursday, November 3, 2011

As we await...

As we await the arrival of actual Narin strips, please enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Rendition of 'Stumbo' by the beloved musical combo 'Wiseblood'.  These milkchuggers really know who to lay it down, kiddies.

The work is flowing, the stars are aligning; we're only a few steps away from Narin's actual blog debut.  It's been quite a road getting to this point...  A few items are being stripped, as we speak, from the English language.  Starting with "Oh, that's EASY!"  and  "What, you don't know how to do THAT?"  ...the position of Webmaestro of all things Narin is going out to bid, if you know anyone who will NOT mention how easy it all is, and who gets the bizarre notion of 'deadline', and who will basically work for beer, please send them my way.