Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Chronicles of NARINIA...

So, it's been an intense week here in Narinia...  the new strips are coming, my city is occupied.  My uncle Mark dug down and located the original sketchbooks chronicling the birth of Narin, circa 1987.  --which for me was a seriously weird time/space capsule.  (looking at immature artwork is always a little psychologically fraught; documenting your late chemically investigative teens in a sketchbook is just ASKING for a few freaky evenings 25 years later.)

Coming up here very shortly will be a strip archive, a history of Narin, Stumptown, and Narin Reducks.  ...I'm working on a digital world takeover, and a feature called "ASK GRAMPS", wherein G will offer his sage input on all your life, political, economic, personal, thaumaturgic, dental, metaphysical, psychiatric and paleontological problems.

Hang with us, lovelies, the work is coming, and I'm finally learning how to 'scan'.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Narin on line!

This here'd be your primordial first effort at getting Narin & Co. up and running in an easy-access bloggish format.  Bare with me here, we're working with Neanderthal-level intellectual and computer skills, in a supercolliding superconducting world.

What follows will be a selection of old and new Narin strips, related bits of hell-raisin' and notoriety, and perhaps the beginning of what Claude Rains might've called a beeyootiful friendship.  These are some freaky times we're living through, and the gang has got some sheeit to say.

Thanks to D Becker, Andrea F, B Gregg and everybody else propping up the barely-computer-literate anachronism cartoon boy.