Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a bit of Copyright housekeeping...

The feature cartoon strip 'Narin', and all of the characters and situations included in the strip are the copyrighted property their creator, Josh A. Miller, Dauntless Fine Arts,  Portland Oregon, USA.  The strip and related materials are available for free use by members and associates of the Occupy Wall Street and associated worldwide liberation and Democracy movements, and by any INDIVIDUAL amused by the strip.  The strip is, however, COPYRIGHTED material, and may NOT be used, published, or broadcast in any form of for-pay media, print or digital, without the specific consent of the copyright owner.

Trying to make a LIVING here, guys.

'Narin' copyright owner provides for the free downloading of material presented on the Web for individual use, hanging on your fridge, lining your birdcage, or beautifying the wall of your prison cell.  This permission does NOT extend to commercial media outlets, unless terms are achieved for that permission with copyright owner..  I'm looking at YOU,  AP wire service.  (and KOCO TV of Oklahoma City, don't even get me started...)

Thank You,  --J

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