Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 NOBEL PRIZE in CARTOONING awarded to NARIN!!!

Stockholm, Sweden.    Today the Official Nobel Prize for Satirical Cartooning was conferred to the creator of the non-syndicated cartoon strip 'Narin'.  In their comments, the award committee acknowledged that although the themes and material within the 'Narin' strip are generally vulgar, rude, tasteless, immature, ill-considered, repellent, childish, insufficiently researched, vile, unpatriotic, barely intelligible, immune to fact-checking, and in every way execrable, the fact that they themselves are a wholly-owned corporate tentacle of Narin World Industries and Gag Reflex Comics had swayed their decision.

The Committee referred to the existence of the completely ersatz "Nobel Prize" in Economics as their model, inasmuch as they have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual Alfred Nobel Foundation, and are a crass invention of a consortium of private interests attempting to cash in on the status and cache of the actual Nobel Foundation by utilizing it's name for their own goals.

The Committee is hopeful that the press, particularly the American Press, will apply the same lack of truthfulness and journalistic vigor that allows them to report on the "Nobel Prize" in Economics as though it were legitimate, to their selection for the 2011 NOBEL PRIZE in CARTOONING.

NARIN creator, and Narin World Industries Grand Inquisitor Josh A. Miller has made no official comment as of yet, and is said to be in seclusion working on his acceptance speech.

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