Friday, December 9, 2011

footnotes to previous strips...

Translations from Lakota: "Hello, nice to meet you"  "Where are YOU from?"  "Do you speak Lakota?"

 FUCKUTOPIA  n.  (Eng. Lat der)  fuh-kyew-TOE-pee-yuh    Any of a number of late 20th, early 21st century national and trans-national governance models utterly dedicated to the suppression and exploitation of the working and underclass populations.  Characterized by environmental rapacity, lack of social conscience, disregard of all ethical or moral perogatives in the interest of concentrating wealth and power, thus perpetuating the global economic dominance of white male largely European minorities.  Common usage:  "I just left my tired old representative republic sitting here for a second, and when I came back all I had left was this dicked-up FUCKUTOPIA.  See also: 'PLUTOCRACY' 'OLIGARCHY'  See also: Marx: CAPITALISM: Last Stages Of.

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